Canon Printer Error 6000

The solution of Canon Printer Error 6000

If an error occurs during printing (for example, paper runs out or paper jams), a troubleshooting message appears automatically. Take the appropriate action described in the message. When an error occurs, a message appears on the computer screen and an error code appears on the LCD. For some errors, a support code (error number) appears.

It also helps reduce unnecessary misunderstandings when an error code is displayed due to a problem with the printer machine. If the job or job does not complete successfully, the Status Monitor displays an error code in the details screen of the Logon/Cancel screen. If a send, receive, or fax operation does not complete successfully, an error code is printed in the result column of various reports, such as the Communication Management Report. Canon Printer Error 6000 is displayed on PIXMA printers (E series, G series, IP, iX, MG, MP, MX, PRO, TR, and TS) or MAXIFY (MB series and in series). Perform the necessary procedure according to the error code.

The error code is Canon Printer Error 6000, which usually appears when there is a paper jam. While talking with the customer, I told you to look at the LF encoder sensor, but it was difficult, so we removed the paper after visiting. Frequent use of backing paper and failure to push the cassette paper guide in may cause a paper jam.

I hope this blog helps you to Resolve Canon Printer Error 6000 if not check the mentioned blog and contact the printer support team.