Detailed Information on RS Rex Skeleton Fragments and Free RS 3 Gold on RSorder

New items called rex skeleton fragments have been added to the game with the release of RS Orthen digsite. Here you could learn detailed information on RS rex skeleton fragments.

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How to obtain RS rex skeleton fragments?

With the release of RS Orthen digsite, rex skeleton fragments can be collected from the new dig site. You can gather rex skeleton fragments while excavating at the dig site and from completing Sharrigan’s certain Archaeology collections.

Restore RS rex skeleton in Orthen digsite

After obtaining rex skeleton fragments, you can use them to restore the rex skeleton found below Mr Mordaut’s office in the Anachronia base camp. The progress of the rex is increased by all players (including ironman accounts), and each rex skeleton fragment will add 0.001% to the total progress. Each skeleton fragment awards experience scaled to your Archaeology level. A 10% boost to experience is awarded if you contribute 10-99 fragments, and a 20% boost is given for contributing over 100 fragments at once.
At 100% completion the rex skeleton will grant the following effects for all of Anachronia for 65 minutes:
-25% more XP from activities on Anachronia:
Hunter (including BGH)
Archaeology excavation
Anachronia Agility Course
-10% buff to the drop rates from:
Big Game Hunter
Anachronia Agility Course codices
Archaeology materials

Have you gathered RS rex skeleton fragments at Orthen digsite?

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