Details of New OSRS Trailblazer Clue Scroll Changes with 80% Off Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold on RSorder

New changes proposed to OSRS Trailblazer clue scroll have been revealed in the latest updates. Differently from the previous proposal, this time these changes will not affect the balance between Treasure Seeker or Unnatural Selection. You can learn the further details below.

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Previous OSRS Trailblazer clue scroll proposal changes

Previously, Old School Team came up with a proposal to the way clue scrolls work in Trailblazer League. They planned to change clue scrolls in order to make them completable in the areas you’ve unlocked, like clue scrolls will be limited to a much smaller list of clues and riddles to solve compared to the main game. However, according to your feedback, this proposal may favour Unnatural Selection too much, and it would cause more issues than it would solve. Therefore, a new proposal regarding clue scroll comes out.

New proposed OSRS Trailblazer clue scroll changes

New changes planned to make for clue scroll might resolve your clue scroll frustrations without affecting the balance between Treasure Seeker or Unnatural Selection. The way Trailblazer clue scrolls work would be changed so that the steps don’t reset until you receive a clue casket. The new changes will increase the completion rate for all players and there will be no need to juggle clue scrolls. For example:
1. One step toward the clue casket: loot a hard clue scroll and complete the first clue step.
2. Step two: go to a region you haven’t unlocked. You drop the clue scroll but the clue step is intact. But you are still one step towards a clue casket.
3. Get another hard clue scroll to replace the dropped one. It’s also for a region you haven’t unlocked. Better drop that too, and you’re still one step towards a clue casket
4. Get another hard clue scroll to replace the newly dropped clue. You’re able to complete the first step of this clue. Now you’re two steps towards a clue casket.
5. And so on until you get a clue casket and the loot inside.

How do you think of new OSRS Trailblazer clue scroll changes?

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