Details of RS Crystal Chest & Triskelion Key Changes with Free RS 3 Gold on RSorder

Some changes and improvements have been made to RS crystal chest and Triskelion Key this week. Here you could learn the details of this update.

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Update to RS crystal chest on Sept. 1st

Some changes and improvements have been made to Reward Chest interfaces and the crystal chest with the update on September 1st. A new toggle has been added to Reward Chest interfaces, which allows players to loot items in noted or unnoted form. Crystal chests and Triskelion Keys now use the standard Reward Chest interface, from which items can be banked directly. Here are the details:
-The animation delays on chests are removed for a smoother opening experience.
-Multiple players can use reward chests at the same time.
-Various improvements are made to reward chest messaging, including dialogue and info-boxes.

Some changes to RS Triskelion Key loot

In addition, the following minor balancing changes have been made to Triskelion Key loot:
-The 125 Adamantite and 750 Coal Stone Spirits drop is now 15 Banite Stone Spirits.
-The 40 Runite and 320 Coal stone spirits drop is now 5 Light and 5 Dark Animica Stone Spirits.

Are you satisfied with the changes to RS crystal chest?

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