Details of Sourhog OSRS New Slayer Monster and 60% Off RS 07 Gold on RSorder

A new Slayer monster, Sourhog OSRS, has been added to the game with A Porcine of Interest update. Turael’s daughter Spria OSRS is also released as a new Slayer master.

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Sourhog OSRS: monster with A Porcine of Interest

OSRS Sourhog is a new boar-like monster added to the game with A Porcine of Interest OSRS update. During A Porcine of Interest quest, you need to defeat Sourhog located in Sourhog Cave. According to Spria, the Sourhog was created when two farmers competed in a competition each year. One of the farmer wins each year, and the other farmer hired a dark wizard to alter one of his pigs into the Sourhog.
The Sourhog can be assigned by Turael or Spria as a Slayer task. You need to equip reinforced goggles OSRS (or a slayer helmet) to kill Sourhog, which can be obtained from Spria during the quest. After the quest you can also purchase reinforced goggles from any Slayer Master for 100 coins.

Details of Spria OSRS new Slayer master

You must notice that there is a new Slayer master called Spria OSRS after the update. Spria is the daughter of Turael, who lives in a house in Draynor Village and assists you with Sarah’s bounty during A Porcine of Interest quest. After A Porcine of Interest quest, Spria acts as a Slayer master who assigns the same tasks as Turael. However, Spria cannot change a slayer task from another master into a less difficult one; you need to visit Turael if you want to do so.

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