Enjoy RS Crystal Capsules for Shadow Gem Override with Free RS Gold for Sale on RSorder

RS Crystal Capsules 2020 is the latest Treasure Hunter promotion running until Sept. 14th. During this period, participate in this TH promo to gain RS shadow gem override and other prizes.

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RS Crystal Capsules returning to TH

The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RS Crystal Capsules has been active until September 14th 2020. During this TH promo, Treasure Hunter keys can be used to unlock gems rather than standard chests. What rarity of items you can possibly obtain can be seen on the interface. After unlocking 4 gems, you are able to choose to reset and get a fresh set of gems with varying rarities if you spend 100 Hearts of Ice. You will gain 10 Treasure Hunter keys as your first prize.

Prizes gained from RS3 Crystal Capsules

The prizes obtained from the Crystal Capsules Treasure Hunter promotion include RS shadow gem overrides, RS Deathtouched dart and others. Here are the details of the prizes:
Protean selection
10 Treasure Hunter keys
Deathtouched dart
Shadow gem melee weapon token, used to unlock RS Shadow Gem Battleaxe.
Shadow gem ranged weapon token, used to unlock RS Shadow Gem Bow.
Shadow gem magic weapon token, used to unlock RS Shadow Gem Staff.
Shadow gem helm token, used to unlock RS Shadow Gem Helm.

Hope you could get what you want from RS Crystal Capsules TH promo.

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