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RS Digsite Delve has been active as a new Treasure Hunter promotion. Until Oct. 26th, get dwarven excavator and other prizes from Treasure Hunter.

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Participate in RS Digsite Delve TH promo

RS Digsite Delve is a new Treasure Hunter promotion which runs from Ocotber 20th to October 26th, 2020. During this Treasure Hunter promotion, the normal chests are replaced with a grid of tiles, 36 of which can be dug by using a key each. Each tile offers three prizes to pick from, first of which might be a promotional prize, while the other two are regular Treasure Hunter prizes of matching category.
Digging a tile might reveal a powerup in the grid. Here are the possible powerups:
Guaranteed purple gem prize
Guaranteed red gem prize
x4 multiplier
x2 multiplier

What can you get from RS Digsite Delve?

Here are the possible prizes that can be obtained from this TH promo:
Dwarven excavator: a dwarven tool that can be used for Archaeology. it has two modes: 150% progress toward artefacts but no materials, or double materials but no artefact progress.
Fixate charge token: can be consumed to gain an additional charge of the Fixate spell. Upon use the charges can store in the skilling section of the spellbook, which will not replace the daily charges that are gained by the Master archaeologist’s outfit.
Restored artefact replicator: can be used on any restored artefact to duplicate it.
Supreme star (huge, large, medium, small)

Enjoy RS Digsite Delve for these new prizes!

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