Enjoy RS Festive Aura 2020 for XP Boost with RSorder $10 Off RuneScape 3 Gold

The special aura RS festive aura is active again this December. With this aura you can enjoy a 50% experience boost and wintery cosmetic effect.

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How can you obtain RS festive aura?

RS3 festive aura is a special aura that can be obtained by members during December. From December 1st, you can get and use the festive aura for a 50% experience boost and the special cosmetic effect.
If you haven’t got the festive aura, you could claim it from Xuan, Dilwyn, or Azibo from their shop. If you already have one, you could click the empty aura slot and check your Aura Management interface.

Enjoy RS festive aura for boost & effect

RS festive aura features a 50% experience boost and a wintery cosmetic effect. In December, the “festive bonus” experience effect can remain activated for 30 minutes once per day, which will be reset at 00:00 UTC every day. It will become just a cosmetic aura after that. The festive aura cannot be reset or extended with vis wax or the Hellion aura.
The festive aura stacks with bonus experience multiplicatively, which triples experience while it lasts. First the festive aura adds 50% experience, for a total of 150% experience; then it will be doubled to 300% experience by the bonus experience. The bonus experience listed for the festive aura only adds the 50%. To get the full 300% bonus, you need to have bonus experience already available in whatever skill you are training outside of the aura.

Have you equipped the festive aura for RS Christmas 2020?

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