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Do you want the new item RS3 knowledge bomb? Until Feb. 2nd, you could link your game account to Prime Gaming to claim the latest in-game rewards.

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RS3 knowledge bomb from Prime Gaming

There is a chance to get free RS knowledge bombs from Prime Gaming. From January 5th to February 2nd 2021, you could link your game account to Prime Gaming to claim five knowledge bombs.
Knowledge bomb is a new item released on January 4th as one of the RS Prime Gaming rewards. If you activate one knowledge bomb, you will be provided with a 50% XP boost for 1 hour. The knowledge bombs are stackable in your inventory, and they cannot be banked.

How to claim RS Prime Gaming rewards?

Prime Gaming, previously called Twitch Prime, is a subscription from Twitch which offers some benefits on their platform and in-game rewards. The in-game rewards for RS may include membership, umbral chest, Treasure Hunter keys and others.
Follow these steps if you want to claim your RS knowledge bombs or other in-game rewards:
1. Claim the Prime Gaming Reward through Prime Gaming;
2. Click Link Accounts to Use Loot;
3. Login to your game account;
4. Login to your Amazon account;
5. Allow access to link your game and Amazon account;
6. The reward will be added to your game account.

Have you got RS3 knowledge bomb from Prime Gaming?

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