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With the approach of Halloween, it is the time to get ready for OSRS Halloween event this year. This year you will enjoy a new POH pumpkin for OSRS Halloween 2020.

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Potential release date of OSRS Halloween 2020

To speculate OSRS Halloween 2020 release date, first we should know when it began and ended in the last few years:
Halloween event 2019: from Oct. 24 to Nov. 7
Halloween event 2018: from Oct. 25 to Nov. 8
Halloween event 2017: from Oct. 19 to Nov. 9
Halloween event 2016: from Oct. 20 to Nov. 17
According to the information on previous events, the Old School RS Halloween event should start in one or two weeks before Halloween. It can be speculated that OSRS Halloween event 2020 may be released on October 21st, and we will update the information if the release date is confirmed.

New POH pumpkin for OSRS Halloween 2020

One of the rewards for Halloween event this year has been revealed by Mod Brow. In his Tweet on October 1st, he revealed the team has made a POH pumpkin for the Halloween update.
There will be more new rewards in the Halloween event this year. In addition, you can also claim other rewards from previous Halloween events from Diango.

Hope you can get more detailed information on OSRS Halloween event 2020.

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