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As the latest Treasure Hunter promotion, RS Smouldering Lamps is active this month with the smouldering lamp offered. The lamp provides XP and bonus XP.

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When can you join in RS Smouldering Lamps?

RS Smouldering Lamps is the latest Treasure Hunter promotion running from October 13th to October 19th, 2020. During this Treasure Hunter promotion, there is a chance to obtain RS Smouldering Lamp of different sizes (small, medium, large and huge).
Any chests opened during this TH promotion offer three prizes to pick from. The first option can be a promotional prize, and the last two ones are regular Treasure Hunter prizes. The smouldering lamps will appear in all skill categories and the prismatic category, but not all prizes are replaced by them. You may also get regular lamps and fallen stars.

Get RS Smouldering Lamp for XP and BXP

After obtaining the Smouldering Lamp, you can use it on skills that you already have bonus experience in. The smouldering lamp will instantly burn up the same amount of bonus experience as it would give normally, allowing you to benefit from the experience immediately. You can still use it on skills with no bonus experience. If you are free player, you can use Smouldering Lamps on free skills, but there will be a warning that it only redeems bonus experience on members worlds.

Join in RS Smouldering Lamps 2020 if you want the lamp.

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