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Do you want special loot for RS Prime Gaming? Until Jan. 5th, you could link your game account to Prime Gaming to claim RS Umbral Chest, Yak Track Care Package and more.

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RS Prime Gaming & more from Prime Gaming

There is a chance to get free RS Umbral Chest and Yak Track Care Package from Prime Gaming. Until January 5th 2021, you could link your RS account to Prime Gaming to claim the latest prizes. Benefits from Prime Gaming will include membership, Umbral Chests, Yak Track Care Package, and OSRS Soul Wars Early Access. More in-game loot for RS and OSRS will be revealed in the future.
Opening RS Yak Track care package will offer you 5 medium smouldering lamps, 5 Yak Track skip tokens, and 5,000 oddments.

More details of RS Prime Gaming benefits

RS Prime Gaming offer contains six monthly drops, some of which are RS3 or OSRS specific. Once you have correctly linked your game account to your Prime Gaming account, the current drop will be added to your account. Notice that you need to revisit the official page each month to claim each monthly drop.
You need to have Amazon Prime membership to claim these drops. Amazon offer a 30-day Prime trial if you are new to the service. If you are already a Prime user, simply click on the “claim name” button on the RS offer above, and sign into your Prime account.

Have you got RS Umbral Chest and Yak Track Care Package from Prime Gaming?

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