Guide for Mahogany Table OSRS with Free Runescape Gold 2007 on RSorder

Mahogany tables can be one of the fastest methods for OSRS Construction training. Here is a guide for mahogany table OSRS with some detailed information.

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How to build mahogany table OSRS?

The mahogany table can be built in the Table space of the Dining Room in your player-owned house, which requires level 52 Construction to build. OSRS mahogany planks are used for the mahogany table creation (6 mahogany planks for 1 mahogany table). You must have a hammer and a saw in your inventory to build it.
Building a mahogany table OSRS will give 840 experience.

Build mahogany table for OSRS Construction

Mahogany tables can be one of the fastest methods for OSRS Construction training at a reasonable cost and efficiency rating, yielding high experience per hour compared to other methods. Building and removing mahogany tables repeatedly can lead to upwards of 920k experience per hour, with 953k/hr being the theoretical perfect rate. With the correct rhythm, you are able to create 4 mahogany tables every time the Demon Butler returns (7.2 seconds), so similarly with Oak Larders, you’ll be constantly creating and removing the tables.

Hope our guide can help you know more about the mahogany table OSRS.

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