Guide for Miniquests in RS 20th Anniversary with RSorder 7% Off Cheap RuneScape Gold

RS 20th Anniversary has started on January 4th with the Grand Party, Anniversary cake and more celebrations. Here is the guide for each miniquest in the 20th Anniversary event.

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Celebration of Quests for Anniversary event

During the 20th Anniversary Grand Party, there is a different event each week. For the first week, there are three miniquests: extra, extra fine flour, top quality milk, and a colossal egg. To start the miniquests, head to the south-west area of the crater and speak to the Cook.
After completing all three miniquests, you could return to the cook with the items and get the 20th RS Anniversary cake. Members can also obtain a huge prismatic lamp.

RS 20th Anniversary miniquest walkthrough

Here is the quick guide for each miniquest:
-Extra, extra fine flour
1. Head to the north of the crater inside the Lumbridge mill and speak to Millie Miller.
2. Speak to Father Aereck.
3. Head to the south-east corner of the Lumbridge graveyard and open the coffin. Speak to the restless ghost.
4. Go south into the Lumbridge Swamp. Search the rocks.
5. Head to the shack just west of the rocks. Speak to Father Urhney RS3 for Father Urhney’s spare skull.
6. Return the skull to the ghost. Take the flour.
-Top quality milk
1. Head to the Lumbridge cow pen and attempt to milk the prized dairy cow. Speak to Gillie Groats.
2. Speak to Yanni on the east side of the crater.
3. Speak to Hans on the west side of the crater.
4. Speak to Thok at the south-east of the crater.
5. Speak to the Sandwich Lady at the north side of the crater and get a square sandwich.
6. Give Thok the sandwich and get a big rock.
7. Give Hans the big rock and get the red mahogany logs.
8. Give Yanni the red mahogany logs and get the top quality milk.
-Colossal egg
1. Speak to Fred the Farmer RS3.
2. Head to the northern section of the crater and speak to Oziach.
3. Speak to Duke Horacio RS3 and get a frying pan.
4. Speak to the Oracle and ask about a map to the dragon.
5. Head to the Falador Farm and speak to Eli Bacon. Get 3 eggs and 2 cabbages around the farm. Steal a tomato from the vegetable stalls in the Lumbridge market, or you can purchase it from Wydin’s Food Store. Give eggs, cabbages and the tomato to Eli Bacon.
6. Head to the Port Sarim jail and speak to the highwayman.
7. Speak to Mr Mordaut and give the frying pan to him for the colossal egg.

Hope our guide can help you complete these miniquests for RS 20th Anniversary.

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