Guide: How to Create RS Artificer’s Measure with RSorder Free RuneScape Gold for Sale

RS Artificer’s measure is one of the skilling off-hands that can be obtained at Orthen Dig Site. When you equip it, it can offer benefits to Crafting and Construction. Learn the guide to create Artificer’s measure easily.

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How to obtain RS Artificer’s measure?

Artificer’s measure is a skilling off-hand obtainable at Orthen Dig Site. To create it, you must reach level 99 Crafting and level 102 Archaeology. Besides, you also need to collect these materials to create it:
1 Pasaha
1 Dragon scalpel
1 Orthenglass flask
1 Protective goggles
1 Magic stone
1 Upgraded gem bag
10 Mystic cloth
10 Blessed molten glass
1 Glorious silvthril chain
1 Onyx

RS Artificer’s measure effects

After you claim RS Artificer’s measure, you can equip it to get some benefits to your Crafting and Construction skills. For example:
1. Crafting
– Increase the chance to activate the Scroll of dexterity by 1.25. If the Scroll of dexterity activates, you can get 0.5% experience buff to Crafting and Construction for 5 minutes.
– Retain the ability to automatically store gems when held in the off-hand and in the inventory.
– The Voice of Seren effect in the Ithell district of Prifddinas is always applied while playing them.
– A 5% chance to duplicate any manufactured items when Glassblowing and forming urns.
2. Construction
– Increase the chance to activate the Scroll of dexterity by 1.25.

Obtain RS Artificer’s measure with this guide and equip it for various effects.

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