I turned on Madden another day to keep my company but the rescue files

I began playing Face of the Franchise and after an hour I had to stop because it was so corny. Who were they making this story for? Do they think people who love soap operas play Madden it’s something my girlfriend could put into who knows NOTHING about football, but anybody who watches the sport…I don’t even have to clarify the absurd premise. What is so hard about letting u play in Highschool and college and according to your own performance it dictates in which you go to school and get drafted? Like I why do I need to lose my starting QB job to someone who has heart cancer and we go to the identical college like WTF?

(Gameplay and germs ) So I just started my own Franchise…. It’s pretty much the exact same experience as Madden20, I do like the new presentation but Madden has the ESPN license so they may still do alot better. The gameplay feels better is more smooth and they really call roughing the passer and late struck penalties. You can pass out of sacks this season which is fine and offensive lineman get hurt. The dropped passes this year tho is BRUTAL you don’t have any idea if it is gonna be a fall or a catch I’ve hit open receivers on drags and just bounces of the palms. My QB is a scrambler however half the time that I run read option I fumble WHY? If I really don’t slide there’s an excellent chance we will lose ownership and it’s been like this for years! I had like a nice 25 yard run and got hit from both sides (the opposite side I am holding the ball) and it erupts out.Does your X variable boost work or can it be only in the game to seem like it’s depth? I have drifting deadeye”perfect precision when standing away from the pocket” nope def do not have perfect precision beyond the pocket. Gusty scrambler”resistant to defensive pressure while on the run” nope definitely not. I turned on Madden another day to keep my company but the rescue files are sterile so I depart and re-enter the manner but the dates and occasions are wrong so I clicked it and it did not save anything I played 4 game I saw the auto save in the corner but I figure nothing saved. . .WTF

(Stats and precision ) I left another QB about the Panthers and I’m about 7 matches in and im manually saving after every match. So far as stats go it is still bad which is a BIG deal for me I like realism. I have Christian Mccaffrey on my group so I try to get him the ball alot…I play All-Pro and also 89 conveys Mccaffrey includes 252 yards that’s 2.8 yards a carry. I went to test to determine other running backs were at and Mccaffrey has the smallest yard/attempt than any starting RB in the NFL he’s a 99! . Like I said before the drops are crazy and I think that it’s funny that they took the drops of the season stats since I truly think Robby Anderson would have just as much falls as catches. I checked mid game (it still shows drops throughout the game) and Robby Anderson has 5 DROPS, also Delanie Walker had two so theres 7 drops in 1 half I’d 9 jump moves. Also WHY can’t you equip small pads on the Yard but maybe not in Franchise, as a QB it is normal to have smaller pads and In real life you could always tell who the QB is but in Madden I am wearing the same pads that the LB would even when I place the hight and width to 0 they are still to big.

If you want to know more, please click https://www.mmoexp.com/V4/Red-gems.html