Info on More Spectral NPCs for Ectoplasmator OSRS with $18 Off Runescape 2007 Gold on RSorder

More enemies have been marked spectral with the update this week. Read the information below to learn which creatures are effective for the ectoplasmator OSRS.

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More spectral creatures for ectoplasmator OSRS

According to the latest official news post, more NPCs have been classified as spectral with the update on January 13th 2021. Now you are able to use the ectoplasmator on the following enemies:
Deviant spectres
Twisted banshees
Treus Dayth
In addition, the experience given by the ectoplasmator OSRS has been increased from 15% of the creature’s health to 20%.

Use ectoplasmator OSRS on spectral creatures

In addition to the above creatures which are classified as spectral this week, here is a list of spectral creatures:
Shades (including Mort’ton shades)
Tortured souls
Spiritual creatures
Aberrant spectres
Death wings
Barrows Brothers
With the ectoplasmator, you will be given Prayer experience for killing these spectral creatures, based on how many hitpoints you have. The amount of Prayer experience given will be equal to 20% of the enemy’s max health, truncated at the tenths place.

You could also learn other changes to Soul Wars OSRS with this update.

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