Info on New Monthly D&D RS Effigy Incubator with 6% Off RSGold on RSorder

It has been announced that RS Effigy Incubator will kick off on Sep. 14. It’s a brand new monthly D&D, which requires you to collect materials to create effigies. Besides, you will be able to obtain some XP boosts from it.

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RS Effigy Incubator D&D being live on Sep. 14

Effigy Incubator is a new monthly D&D taking place in Kerapac’s Lab in Anachronia. It will be released on Sep. 14 and requires the completion of Desperate Measures quest as well as at least level 85 Crafting, RuneCrafting, Invention or Smithing.
RS Effigy Incubator starts from Mr Mordaut at the Anachronia Base Camp. You will be able to gather materials under the help of your trusty assistant to create effigies. Effigies can’t be purchased, sold, alchemised, or traded to other players in any way, but they can work with the Brooch of the Gods. When your assistants gets the incubator up and running, you can create new effigies once a month. While the incubator is down, you can collect extra materials to exchange for Incubator Points that you can spend on up to 10 ready-made effigies.

Obtain XP-boosting reward from RS Effigy Incubator

Effigy is filled with knowledge and watches and learns when you train specific skills. While it becomes full with 60,000 XP, you can crack it open to receive some XP-boosting rewards, such as:
– Effigy bonus XP star: having a chance to be upgraded to a dragonkin star.
– Effigy XP lamps: having the chance to be upgraded to a dragonkin lamp.

Look forward to the new RS Effigy Incubator together.

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