Info on OSRS Shayzien Area Rework with Free OSRS Gold on RSorder

It has been revealed OSRS Shayzien area will be reworked with various changes. Here you could learn some information on these changes.

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OSRS Shayzien area remapping proposed

According to the recent official news post, the develop team plans to update the Shayzien area. With the remapping, OSRS Shayzien area will be split in two. To the south, the actual city of Shayzien will be found; to the north, the Shayzien Military Camp will be found. Both areas will be given a unique feel to set them apart from each other.
The camp to the north will have a more temporary, chaotic feel. The tents currently used throughout Shayzien will be the buildings here. In addition, the city to the south will be given a more permanent and organised feel. The tents will be removed from the city and replaced with brick buildings.

Proposed changes to OSRS Agility Course

A low-level OSRS Agility course will be split into two sections. The maximum Agility experience from the course would be based on the below approximations:
The first section of the Agility course will require 5 Agility to complete – 8,500 Agility XP/hour.
The second section of the course will require 48 Agility to complete – 30,000 Agility XP/hour.
In addition, OSRS Shayzien Agility course would include a number of obstacles that you need to navigate:
Tight ropes
Monkey bars
Long jumps

What do you think about OSRS Shayzien area rework?

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