I’ve always wondered what is the brink of praying on creatures

Or when I could get to 50-80 str in a short quantity of time on a low level account that would be awesome sauce too. Does anybody know you are able to utilize an ultimate gamer card for 2 accounts? Woo! It’s definitely worth buying a single month, at least, simply to try it. Didn’t Jagex have a promotion where you could get a free week of membership, if your account never was upgraded before? Someone might have to check my facts on this; if it did exist, then it might have just been for a short period of time.

Anyways, I will sort of just be echoing what other good users have stated here. Receive a membership simply to have the broad world of Runescape opened to you! There’s a whole lot more to see, do, experience — and the”pond”, proverbially, gets much larger. There are a lot more contradictory and xp-gaining opportunities in members. Do not hole yourself up in soul wars, because you will want to kill everything after an hour or so. Ugh. Wretched mini sport. Well, yeah!

I know there’s a fantastic reason a lot of members nevertheless use a rune platebody- it has got decent defense bonuses and relatively low price. However, what’s the natural next step above rune concerning nondegradeable plates? I guess it would be a Bandos Plate, however that is far out of my price range. Are there any other platebodies between both that give better bonuses than rune? How much do they cost, and do you believe the investment is worth the payoff?

Next highest is Granite Body, legs, helm and sheild. Which is mem, and need 50 str and 50 def to weild. However its one of the heaviest armour on the market, maybe even the heaviest. So it drains operate in an insane manner. In addition, it appears rlly lame, the whole collection costs less than 500k, and can be used mostly by bots, so ive been told. Then there is the fighter torso and other stuff u can get from minigames.

However, if u cant manage string bod, or plate bod, which price 4.5M-5.5M, and 9m-10m respectivly, u can use rune body, with drag legs and medium helm. Do not use granite body + dragon legs, thats what bots wear lol. I utilize Zammy platebody + Dragon Platelegs. . Most of the higher gear are deg, however, barrows equipment lasts like 10+ hrs of combat, before repairs. Hope this helped.

Yes, it is me who needs the help this time. I’ve always wondered what is the brink of praying on creatures. Meaning, at what level for every kind of monster if I use a protection prayer and offensive burial? By type, I suggest colors, warriors, rangers, magers, zombies, skeletons, bats, rats, demons, pickaxes, brutes, etc..

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