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RS Double XP Live will come back with double XP boost! From Nov. 6th, enjoy Double XP Live for Archaeology and others.

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Join in RS Double XP Live for XP boost

It has been revealed in the recent official news post that RS Double XP Live will be active from November 6th to November 16th 2020. During this event, members will receive Double XP throughout the event, and free-to-play players can get in on the fun too with 20% extra XP in all available skills. That’s ten whole days in which to use the 48 hours of Double XP time. The mechanics of the event this time are otherwise the same as previous event.

Get Double XP in RS Archaeology

This time players can get Double XP in Archaeology during the double XP event, so there is never been a better time to explore the newly uncovered Orthen Dig Site. Here’s what else Double XP Live brings to budding archaeologists:
1. Base Precision is doubled, so players can get double the projects per hour from excavation.
2. XP from excavation and screening activities is doubled.
Note: Players will not receive Double XP from tomes, research, mysteries, pylons, or restoring artefacts.

Are you ready RS Double XP Live?

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