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The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RS Firework Festival has been active now. During this TH promo, there is a chance to obtain various prizes from different fireworks.

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When & how to join in RS Firework Festival?

The Firework Festival is a Treasure Hunter promotion active from January 1st to January 11th, 2021. During this promotion, the standard chests in Treasure Hunter are replaced by fireworks. You are able to choose one of four fireworks for prizes.

What prizes can you enjoy from RS fireworks?

There are 7 types of fireworks with different effects, and these effects range from a prize multiplier to a guaranteed very rare purple gem prize. If you obtain a RS Mystery firework, it has a chance of either acting as another firework or offering up to an 8× multiplier to a normal prize.
Here you could learn different fireworks in RS3 Firework Festival with their effects:
Skill firework: a skill prize
Multiplier firework (x2): 2x prizes
Multiplier firework (x3): 3x prizes
Multiplier firework (x4): 4x prizes
Red firework: a red prize (advanced pulse cores, combat training dummy, protean memory, protean traps, silverhawk feathers)
Purple firework: a purple prize
Mystery firework: a chance to give up to an 8x prize

Enjoy these prizes from RS Firework Festival TH promotion!

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