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More changes from Poll #72 have been made this week. Here you could learn details of changes to Amulet of Blood Fury OSRS and others.

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Change to Amulet of Blood Fury OSRS

The improvement has been made to Amulet of Blood Fury this week. After the update, the Amulet of Blood Fury now has a 20% chance to heal for 30% of melee damage inflicted.

Other changes & improvements this week

-The Blisterwood Tree’s XP rates have been returned to their introductory rate. Players will receive 76 Woodcutting XP for each log chopped.
-The banker at Ferox Enclave will no longer re-open the Bank interface after closing it.
-The special attacks of the Eldritch and Volatile Nightmare Staves will no longer drag players to their opponent if they do not have a spell selected to autocast.
-Spirit Trees will now give better explanations as to why the player is unable to teleport to certain locations.
-Corrected grammar in Phillipa’s dialogue.
-Barlak the Dorgeshuun Bone Collector now accepts bones directly from your Bank.
-The Achievement Gallery will no longer cut off achievements at the bottom of the scroll.
-The amount of Carpenter Points awarded for completing Mahogany Homes jobs has been increased by 1 for every tier.

What do you think about changes to Amulet of Blood Fury OSRS and others?

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