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This week sees the release of some changes based on Poll 73. Read the details below to learn changes to OSRS Combat Dummy and others.

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OSRS Combat Dummy new features

With the update on December 2nd, there are various new features added to the Combat Dummy in your Player Owned House if you have at least 58 Construction. These new features allow you to upgrade the Undead Combat Dummy into an Ornate Undead Combat Dummy.
Your new punching bag allows you to test the maximum hit of weapons that deal extra damage. For example, you can add 20 vampyre dust to test your maximum hit using silver weapons. Once you have upgraded to the Ornate Undead Combat Dummy and unlocked a few different versions, you are able to switch between them at any time by using the right-click menu.

Other changes with OSRS update

The following changes and improvements have also been made with OSRS update this week:
-Once you’ve reached 99 Slayer, you can show your Skill Cape to any Slayer Master and prove yourself worthy of receiving tasks regardless of the Combat level.
-You are able to ask Peter near the camp on OSRS Fossil Island to toggle off small to large drops, so you’ll only find rare fossils. Peter will also be able to turn those drops on again. In addition, you can also store up to 510 fossils inside your OSRS Fossil Storage Crate.

Are you satisfied with OSRS update this week?

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