Learn Changes to OSRS Rev Caves & More Oct. 21st with Free Runescape Gold 2007 on RSorder

This week sees the release of some changes to OSRS Rev Caves and others. Here you could learn details of the in-game changes.

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Changes to OSRS Rev Caves on Oct. 21st

The following changes have been made to Revenant Caves OSRS with the update this week:
1. The Revenants have been redistributed all throughout the caves. Even more revenant spawns will be added in the future.
2. Multi-way combat in the caves has been removed and replaced with singles plus.
3. The PvP World Timer has been added to the Revenant Caves.
4. Changes have been made to the loot tables of revenants.
5. An entrance fee of 100,000 coins has been added.
6. Various non-revenant monsters in the caves have been rehomed to a new home of their own.

Other changes with OSRS update this week

-Barbarian Fishing spots will not overlap one another anymore when changing locations.
-The HUD will not disappear when scrying the Theatre of Blood from Lumbridge or the Grand Exchange.
-Some barrels on Fossil Island have had their descriptions corrected.
-OSRS lobster cage has been re-renamed back to lobster pot.

Are you satisfied with these changes to Revenant Caves OSRS?

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