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This week sees some changes and improvements to Puro Puro OSRS. Here you could learn details of these improvements with this OSRS update.

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New crop circles for Puro Puro OSRS

With OSRS update on January 20th 2021, crop circles may appear in 10 new locations, including Taverley, Mos Le’Harmless, Harmony and more. These new locations include some new wheat fields and existing fields that were previously crop circle-free. You could enter these crop circles to gain the Farmer’s Affinity bonus and go to OSRS Puro Puro minigame.
Here are the new locations of Puro Puro crop circles:
South of Taverley
Mos’le Harmless
The Farming Guild
Gnome Stronghold
South of Kingstown

More changes to Puro Puro OSRS this week

In addition, the following changes and improvements have also been made to Puro-Puro with this update:
1. There are now some new impling spawns around Gielinor.
2. Farmer’s Affinity: If you travel to Puro-Puro through the overworld crop fields, you can now receive a 30-minute buff which allows you to push through the wheat faster.
3. You are able to toggle whether or not you get Strength XP from the Puro Puro minigame. To toggle this option, you can speak to Elnock OSRS about the wheat.
4. You are able to store a butterfly net, imp repellent and up to 1,000 jars with Elnock. You can also find a “quick-withdraw” option, which will allow you to grab the necessary equipment in one move.
5. You can now trade in a small number of jars with Elnock. These jars are 2,000 GP each and have a daily purchase limit of 10.

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