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It has been revealed that a new intermediate quest Getting Ahead OSRS may be released in the future. In this quest players will meet troubled farmers and handle unknown beasts.

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Getting Ahead OSRS new quest proposed

According to the latest official Twisted Tales – Getting Ahead Blog, a new intermediate-level quest named Getting Ahead is proposed to be added to the game. Getting Ahead will be the first quest of Twisted Tales, which are short standalone quests set within the regions of Great Kourend and Kebos. In OSRS Twisted Tales you will meet new characters, explore new mysteries, and learn more about the regions of Kourend and Kebos.
In Getting Ahead OSRS quest, you will encounter Gordon and Mary, two troubled farmers who ask that you bring back the head of the beast that has been terrorising their land. However, things become complicated when the beast turns out to be headless.

OSRS Getting Ahead requirements & rewards

Requirements and rewards have been revealed in the latest blog. Here are the requirements of Getting Ahead OSRS quest:
30 Crafting
26 Construction
The ability to defeat a level 82 monster

After completing the Getting Ahead quest, you will gain the following rewards:
500 Coins
1,200 Crafting XP
800 Construction XP
Access to a new Tannery in the Kebos Lowlands

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