Learn How to Obtain & Use RS Pylon Battery with RSorder Free RS3 Gold

RS Pylon battery is an item which can be used in the Kharid-et Dig Site. Here you could learn how to obtain and use this item.

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How to obtain RS Pylon battery?

RS3 Pylon battery can be obtained in the following ways:
-It can be found in the Kharid-et Dig Site when you excavate the various sites (remains and material caches) of the Main Fortress level.
-It can be obtained as a reward from the collector Soran, Emissary of Zaros if you complete their archaeological collections.

Use RS Pylon battery in Kharid-et

Pylon batteries can be used for charging the pylons found in the main area of the digsite. If you add pylon batteries to pylons, you will be awarded Archaeology experience based on level. Each battery will contribute 0.001% charge to the pylon across all worlds up to 100% for a temporary 30-minute buff to all players. When the pylon is charged to 100%, everyone in Kharid-et on all worlds will be given the opportunity to receive pieces of RS Inquisitor staff when excavating from any excavation or cache node in the main and prison area of the fortress for 30 minutes.
In addition, you can also use pylon batteries for activating RS shadow anchor. A total of ten batteries can be used to charge each of the eight shadow anchors permanently in Kharid-et, which requires a total of 80 batteries to charge all of them.

Hope now you know more about RS3 Pylon battery.

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