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According to the latest game updates, we have known that the Ninjas have made various improvements and changes to Combat, such as RS Combat tooltips, and quality of life updates.

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Improvements to RS Combat tooltips

Loads of changes have made for Combat tooltips, including:
1. Rewrite all combat abilities for clarity and readability, and now they follow a bullet pointed template.
2. “Weapon damage” and “activate spell damage” now refers to “ability damage”.
3. Highlight key words like effects and values in white text.
4. Now ability durations are shown in exact seconds to account for game ticks.
5. Add an icon for all combat abilities to show whether they are single-target, multi-target, self-target ore area of effect.
6. Update the existing timer icon.
7. Make diverse consistency changes.

RS Combat quality of life changes

There are also a lot of quality of life changes made for Combat, such as:
1. Asylum Surgeon’s Ring’s and “Relentless” Invention perk’s cooldown appear on the Debuff Bar.
2. Add a new Primal Extract recipe, allowing you to turn Enhanced Replenishment Potions into Adrenaline Renewal Potions.
3. Fix various inconsistencies between the Herblore Skill Guide and the Make-x interface regarding the Adrenaline Renewal Potion.
4. Now God Books, Illuminated God Books and Erethdor’s Grimoire toggle off upon death when you equip a Ring of Death.
5. Now you can activate special attacks that require no target by using the Constitution special attack ability from both the Ability Book and the Action Bar.
6. Add Zaros Godsword and the Eldritch Crossbow to the list of weapon that can be activated without a target.

Keep your eyes open at RS Combat tooltips and quality of life changes.

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