Learn Improvements to Agility Course OSRS & More Sept 16 with 60% Off RS 2007 Gold on RSorder

This week sees the release of more improvements from OSRS poll 72. Read the details below to learn changes to the Agility Course OSRS and others.

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Improvements to Agility Course OSRS

Some improvements have been made to the Agility Course OSRS with the update on September 16th. A lap counter has been added to all Agility courses, like the one in Ape Atoll. Additionally, Grace in the Rogue’s Den has a new option, which allows you view all the rooftop laps you’ve done. She can also help you toggle the course counter message for all Agility courses on and off, preventing them from showing up after every lap. As before, the counter will begin ticking from the update on Sept. 16th, and will not work retroactively.

Other changes with OSRS update this week

In addition to the Agility Course improvements, there are some other changes and improvements based on poll 72 with OSRS update:
1. There is now an Agility short cut in Gu-Tanoth, making it a bit easier to complete a particular Clue step. You need to have level 71 Agility and complete the Watchtower Quest to unlock it.
2. You can now fill an empty Coal Bag directly from the Bank. “Empty” will remain the default option when the Bag already contains coal.
3. You are able to pickpocket Seaweed Spores from Master Farmers.

What do you think about the changes with OSRS update this week?

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