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Recently some reports on OSRS dupe have caused a heated discussion among players. Now the develop team has responded to this Soul Wars dupe and rollback concerns.

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Possible OSRS dupe 2021 in Soul Wars

There are some reports of OSRS dupe issue from January 11th 2021. Posts on Reddit are calling a dupe and speculating a roll out, and some information comes from a few discord screenshots.
Official Statement on OSRS dupe 2021 issue

According to the latest Old School RS official news post, the develop team has been aware of various reports of OSRS Soul Wars dupe and game world crashing. The team is investigating this issue.
The develop team is also seeing concerns that generating wealth during this investigation will lead to OSRS rollback, and currently they have no plans to do this. If the team is able to confirm the reports, only the accounts responsible and the wealth and items they have generated will be targeted. As OSRS rollback will be a very last resort, the team does not expect to have to use them in this instance.
The team shows gratitude to players’ patience and understanding. We will also update our news if there is more information on this OSRS dupe 2021 issue.

What do you think about this OSRS Soul Wars dupe issue?

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