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A Porcine of Interest OSRS is a new quest released on September 11th. Here is A Porcine of Interest quest guide with fast walkthrough and rewards.

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How to complete A Porcine of Interest?

1. To start this quest, check the noticeboard on the east side of Draynor village Market.
2. Talk to Sarah north of the loom at Falador farm.
3. Go to the crossroads South of Draynor Manor.
4. Follow the cabbages and carrots on the ground north-east towards the strange hole.
5. Use the rope on the strange hole, and then climb down.
6. Follow the cave to the end and investigate the skeleton.
7. After the cut-scene, talk to Spria OSRS to receive reinforced goggles. Equip the goggles.
8. Return to the hole in the ground and kill Sourhog.
9. Use a knife or slashing weapon to remove the foot from the dead Sourhog.
10. Return to Sarah.
11. Return to Spria.

Rewards from A Porcine of Interest quest

1 Quest point
5,000 coins
1,000 Slayer experience
30 Slayer reward points
Access to the Sourhog Cave and Sourhog slayer tasks from Spria or Turael
Existing slayer helmets will have reinforced goggles added to them

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