Learn OSRS Costume Room Rework with Magic Wardrobe Changes with Free RS 2007 Gold on RSorder

The update this week brings the Costume Room rework OSRS. Read the information to learn changes to main game, Magic Wardrobe and more.

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Main changes with OSRS Costume Room rework

The Costume Room rework has been released with OSRS update on September 2nd 2020. According to the official “Costume Room Rework” news post, the following changes and improvements have been made to the Costume Room OSRS:
1. Interfaces across the Costume Room can show as many sets as they can, without splitting pieces across multiple pages.
2. You can store incomplete sets, and the interface can indicate which bits you’re missing.
3. You can store both platelegs and a plateskirt for each set.
4. You can now store any spare pieces you have.
5. There is a brand-new side panel, where you can deposit items with a simple left-click.
6. There is a “Deposit Mode” toggle allowing you to switch between depositing items individually and depositing them as sets. The “Deposit All” button lets you dump everything in the Inventory into storage.

Changes to OSRS Magic Wardrobe & Armour Case

There are also some changes made to OSRS Magic Wardrobe and Armour Case. The storage limits for the Magic Wardobe have been adjusted:
Oak – 7 Mage Sets
Carved Oak – 14 Mage Sets
Teak – 21 Mage Sets
Carved Teak – 28 Mage Sets
Mahogany – 35 Mage Sets
Gilded – 42 Mage Sets
Marble – Infinite Mage Sets
In addition, OSRS Armour Case storage limits will now look like this:
Oak – 25 Armour Sets
Teak – 50 Armour Sets
Mahogany – Infinite Armour Sets

Are you satisfied with OSRS Costume Room rework?

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