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Some proposed changes for OSRS Nightmare of Ashihama have been revealed. Here you could learn these changes for the Nightmare OSRS.

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OSRS Nightmare of Ashihama proposed changes

According to the latest OSRS Poll 73 Game Improvements Blog, a few changes are proposed for the Nightmare OSRS. Here are the details:
1. The audio queue will be changed for when the curse ends during the fight against the Nightmare of Ashihama?
2. You may completely negate all damage from husks and parasites if you pray correctly.
3. The scaling for shields and totems will be changed to 200/30 per player for groups of five upwards. Currently for groups of 20 and below, the Nightmare adds 400 to her shield and 60 to totem shields for each player.
4. The start time for the first Nightmare fight of an instance will be reduced from 40s to 30s. Subsequent fights would then begin when the Nightmare is disturbed.
5. The scaling of the Nightmare pet drop chance will be changed to the following:
1/800 for solo players
1/1600 for duos
1/2400 groups of 3
1/3200 for groups of 4
1/4000 for groups of 5+

What do you think about these changes to OSRS Nightmare of Ashihama?

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