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It has been confirmed that the rework of Shades of Morton OSRS will be released in January 2021. Here you could learn changes to the Shades of Morton minigame.

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Rework of Shades of Morton minigame

The Shades of Mort’ton is a minigame in which you can create pyre logs to cremate shades in hopes that you will get a key to unlock special chests. You need to complete the Shades of Mort’ton quest to play this minigame. Combat, Crafting, Firemaking, and Prayer experience can be earned by playing this game.
The develop team plans to rework the Shades of Mort’ton minigame.

Proposed changes to Shades of Morton OSRS

Here are some proposed changes to the Shades of Morton minigame, which are mentioned in the official poll blog:
1. There will be Urum shade OSRS, the new highest tier of shade. If you burn Fiyr remains, there is a small chance to get a golden key required to access these new golden shades. Burning Urum remains will always yield a golden key. Urum shades will be based in a new area of the catacombs.
2. Each room within the catacombs will contain a stone coffin. When opening chests, these coffins have a chance at spawning another new shade the Diyn shade OSRS. Diyn remains can be burnt on the Altar of the Damned, which charges the altar to allow it to be used for prayer restoration. Diyn shades have a greater chance at appearing in the higher-tiered areas.
3. The catacombs layout will be reworked. The develop team will change the structure of the dungeon, and replace the current style assets with the assets used in other nearby dungeons in the swamp area.

What do you think about these changes to the Shades of Morton minigame?

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