Learn Proposed Rewards for OSRS Tempoross with Free RS 2007 Gold on RSorder

OSRS Tempoross is a proposed boss for Fishing skill. The location and rewards for this boss have been revealed in the recent official blog.

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Location of OSRS Tempoross fishing boss

OSRS fishing boss Tempoross will be available to all members with at least level 35 Fishing. According to the recent Tempoross poll blog, players can secure safe passage to the Sea Spirit Dock via a small group of rowing boats that will ferry them from Al Kharid. Players must face Tempoross between two boats. Each boat has two cannons. Fishing spots will spawn on the North and South sides of the island.

What can you gain from OSRS Tempoross?

When the new boss is released, rewards can be collected from pools of debris that is left at the end of the encounter. These will always contain some resources, and there will be a chance of gaining unique rewards.
Here is a list of proposed rewards for Tempoross boss in the poll:
Pool of Debris
Spirit Flakes
Fish Barrel
Tackle Box
Spirit Angler’s Outfit Style
Harpoonfish Trophy
Tome of Water and Soaked Pages
Heron Pet Recolour

What do you think about OSRS Tempoross new fishing boss?

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