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Would you like to know something about RS Elder God Wars Dungeon? During the Live Stream on Aug. 26, JMods have revealed the status of Elder God Wars Dungeon, as well as the plans for Halloween this year. And you can continue to read for further details.

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RS Elder God Wars Dungeon status revealed by Mod Warden

Elder God Wars Dungeon is a new content that Jagex is currently working on. It’s announced at the previous RuneFest and now Mod Warden has revealed its status during the latest Live Stream. RS Team has done most of the design and planning for Elder God Wars Dungeon, but it’s still not be launched this year.
Lots of upcoming releases for the rest of this year will help players explore lore and develop power through skilling, and many of them will be interconnected leading up to a God Wars releases.

RS Halloween plans this year announced by Mod Osborne

Halloween holiday will come in a near future. What do you expect this year? Mod Osborne has disclosed some plans and designs during the Live Stream on Aug. 26. The Team is working on creating something. They want to add miniquest-style content as well as training or skilling. Osborne states that they are eager to do something players can go back to.

All in all, look forward to the release of RS Elder God Wars Dungeon and Halloween contents.

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