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Mod Warden’s Wintumber Letter 2020 is posted on Dec. 21. From this we can see RS new player models as well as new contents and updates coming in 2021, such as Elder God Wars. The more details can be read below.

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Appearances of RS new player models

According to Mod Warden’s letter 2020 updated on Dec. 21, we can know that RS Team has reworked the player models and redesigned new models for both male and female.

New RS contents & updates coming in 2021

Mod Warden not only looks back the development of 2020, he also reveals some new contents and plans in 2021 in his Wintumber Letter 2020. Here we highlight several important plans for all of you:
1. Elder God Wars
2. Continue delivering monthly headline content drops, great holiday event, Yak Tracks and bi-monthly Ninja Strikes.
3. Improve player avatar.
4. A series of improvements to how the World Guardian is represented in-game.
5. With RS Mobile release, the team plans to bring more new players and realize a tru cross-platform MMO.
6. RS 20th Anniversary on Jan. 4. And there will be more Anniversary content over 2021.

How do you think of RS new player models? Anyway, stay tuned in more new contents in 2021.

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