Log in to Claim RS 20th Anniversary Invitation with RSorder 6% Off RuneScape Gold

It’s amazing that RS has been 20 years since it’s released. To celebrate this occasion, there will be RS20 Anniversary Party beginning on Jan. 4. From now you can log in to claim 20th anniversary invitation which can offer free teleports to the party.

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RS20 Anniversary Party starting on Jan. 4th, 2021

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of RS game, Jagex plans to conduct RS20 Grand Party in Lumbridge Crater on Jan. 4th, 2021. Please keep in mind the specific time to take part in. And throughout the event, you will be able to receive a special reward.

How to take part in RS20 Grand Party?

There is 20th anniversary invitation item that can be given to all players after logging in from Dec. 14, showing “Dear Player, you have been cordially invited to the RS20 Grand Party in Lumbridge Crater beginning the 4th January.” Once you obtain it, you can use your invitation to teleport straight to the party when it starts. If you lose your invite between now and then, you will be given a spare, too.

Look forward to RS20 Anniversary Party together.

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