OSRS New Item Plank Sack Guide with Free OSRS Gold on RSorder

OSRS plank sack has been released with Mahogany Homes update as a new item. Here is a guide to help you learn how to get and use this sack.

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How to obtain OSRS plank sack?

The plank sack OSRS is a new item added to the game with Mahogany Homes update. It can be purchased from the Mahogany Homes Reward Shop for 350 Carpenter points. You can only own one plank sack at a time. Notice that the plank sack is not tradeable.
OSRS Carpenter points can be obtained by completing contracts for clients of Mahogany Homes. Every time you finish a contract, you will gain Carpenter points and some additional construction experience. Here are the details:
Construction Contracts (beginner) – 1 Carpenter point
Construction Contracts (novice) – 2 Carpenter points
Construction Contracts (adept) – 3 Carpenter points
Construction Contracts (expert) – 4 Carpenter points

How can you use plank sack OSRS?

The plank sack allows you to store up to 28 planks of any variety, and can be used from the sack while training Construction.
Note: a servant will not deliver planks to a plank sack OSRS when returning from the bank or sawmill if you do not have enough space in your inventory.

Hope our guide can help you learn OSRS plank sack.

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