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Temple of Ikov is a quest featuring a Mahjarrat called Lucien. Here is our OSRS Temple of Ikov guide with fast walkthrough, rewards and more.

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Temple of Ikov OSRS quest walkthrough

1. To start the Temple of Ikov quest, head to the Flying Horse Inn in the north-west corner of East Ardougne and talk to Lucien.
2. Climb down the ladder and enter the temple directly south of the Ranging Guild.
3. Go west down the stairs, slash the web, and get the boots of lightness.
4. Go upstairs. Equip the Pendant of lucien and then go through the north gate.
5. Wear the boots of lightness and cross the lava bridge. Take the lever.
6. Cross the lava bridge again. Attach the lever to the lever-bracket on the wall west of the ladder you climbed to enter the dungeon.
7. Pull the lever after attaching it.
8. Go through the south gate and follow the path.
9. Search chests along the icy path and get ice arrows. Searching every chest after finding arrows is required to reset the chests.
10. Equip the Pendant of Lucien and go through the north gate.
11. Head to a small room containing a lever. Right-click the lever and search for traps (42 Thieving required). Pull the lever.
12. Go west then north through the doors.
13. Upon attempting to enter the second door, a Fire Warrior of Lesarkus will spawn. Kill him with your ice arrows. Protect from magic can be used to take no damage.
14. Give 20 unnoted limpwurt roots to Winelda.
15. Push the wall to the north leading to a room full of Guardians of Armadyl. Pick the good or evil path.
-Good path:
Remove your Pendant of lucien and speak to a Guardian of Armadyl.
Wear the Armadyl pendant and head to the building west of the Grand Exchange. kill Lucien. Quest complete!
-Evil path:
Try to take the Staff of Armadyl from the table. Kill a level 43 Guardian of Armadyl.
Head to the building west of the Grand Exchange and give the Staff of Armadyl to Lucien. Quest complete!

Rewards from OSRS Temple of Ikov quest

You will gain the following rewards after completing this quest:
1 Quest point
10,500 Ranged XP
8,000 Fletching XP
Boots of lightness OSRS
The Armadyl pendant OSRS
Wider access to the Temple of Ikov

Hope our guide can help you complete the Temple of Ikov OSRS.

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