OSRS Thermonuclear Smoke Devil: Fighting Tips & More with 6% Off RS07 Gold on RSorder

The thermonuclear smoke devil OSRS is the boss version of the smoke devil. Here is our thermonuclear smoke devil guide to help you find this boss and fight against it.

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How to access thermonuclear smoke devil OSRS?

Requiring level Slayer to kill, OSRS thermonuclear smoke devil can be found in the Smoke Devil Dungeon. The quickest way to get to this dungeon is to use the code b k p, and then run north east to the dungeon entrance. You can only attack the thermonuclear smoke devil on a smoke devil task, with the exception of one kill for the Western Provinces Diary if you have 93 Slayer without boosting.

Tips for fighting thermonuclear smoke devil

1. The thermonuclear smoke devil can be frozen by using the ice spells of the Ancient Magicks spellbook. Your magic spells have a longer attack range than the thermonuclear smoke devil, so you can still attack the thermonuclear smoke devil, while the thermonuclear smoke devil is frozen.
2. You can use the Redemption prayer as a way of restoring hitpoints if you have level of 49 or higher Prayer.
3. When walking under the thermonuclear smoke devil immediately after performing an attack, you can hide from the thermonuclear smoke devil’s attacks until another attack is performed.

Gain Smoke battlestaff OSRS & other drops

The thermonuclear smoke devil is the only monster to drop the Smoke battlestaff OSRS and the pet smoke devil. Their non-boss variants also has a chance to drop the occult necklace with a lower drop chance.
The Smoke battlestaff provides unlimited amounts of air and fire runes as well as the autocast option when it is equipped. It requires 30 Attack and 30 Magic to wield.

Hope our guide can help you fight the thermonuclear smoke devil OSRS.

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