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OSRS Blighted items are proposed to be added to Soul Wars Reward Shop. Players may be able to purchase these Blighted items from the store with Zeal.

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Blighted items may be added to Soul Wars

According to the recent official news post, the develop team plans to added all of the OSRS Blighted items available in the Last Man Standing store to the Soul Wars store.
After the release of Soul Wars OSRS, the develop team has been asked to add some additional fitting rewards to the Soul Wars store which can be purchased with Zeal. These items may be made usable within the minigame, and this time Blighted items can be added to the Soul Wars store for 6 Zeal per item.
If the Blighted items are added to the Soul Wars Reward Shop, players can also decide should it also be possible to use the spell sacks within this minigame. It would not be possible to use the Blighted food or potions.

List of OSRS Blighted items available

Here is a list of current Blighted items that could be added
Blighted Ancient Ice sack (x30)
Blighted Snare sack (x150)
Blighted Entangle sack (x70)
Blighted Vengeance sack (x50)
Blighted Teleport spell sack (x50)
Blighted Bind sack (x300)
Blighted karambwan (x12)
Blighted anglerfish (x15)
Blighted manta ray (x15)
Blighted Super Restore (4) (x4)

Do you want Blighted items to be added to OSRS Soul Wars Reward Shop?

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