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With Celebration of Combat going on, we will slightly introduce some details of RS Grand Party Week 3 and 4. During the next two weeks, you will be able to receive buffs on minigames and skilling.

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Schedule of RS Grand Party Week 3 & 4

Grand Party contains 4 weeks of celebrations for RS 20th Anniversary. The current week 2 is Celebration of Combat with 50% more Slayer XP and other combat buffs, which will close on Jan. 17. And the next two weeks of Celebrations refer to minigames and skilling. You can take a sneak peek at their schedule and buffs here:
1. Week 3: Celebration of Minigames
Schedule: Jan. 18-Jan. 24
Buffs: double currency for every RS minigame.
2. Week 4: Celebration of Skilling
Schedule: Jan. 25-Jan. 31
Buffs: 50% extra XP in all gathering skills.

New RS 20th Anniversary quest upcoming

Apart from the new activities mentioned above, there will also be new RS 20th Anniversary quest series that are coming later this month. The first quest for Anniversary is available in week 1, which contains three miniquests to complete for Anniversary Cake. And based on the updates on Jan. 13, we have learned that later this month new anniversary quest will be available to complete.

Look forward to RS Grand Party Week 3 and 4 as well as new anniversary quest.

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