Proselyte set which provides best socialization bonus in the game

Animal Magnetism – Ava’s Device – Must-have for all ranged users. Gives players a opportunity to not waste ammunition while shooting. Shilo Village – Access to the village which holds stone rocks (excellent for mining leveling and cash earning ) and NPC Duradel that’s late sport Slayer master.

Gnome quest series – Character tree transport system – Gives players access to quick teleports to various places like Grand Exchange. Troll Stronghold – God Wars dungeon – Really important dungeon with bosses that could give you a wonderful profit. Desert Treasure – Situated south of Lumbridge at Al Kharid. Unlocks Historical Spellbook which gives access to blood, ice, smoke and shadow spells that are extremely helpful in many conditions but most importantly enable player to begin bursting which can be one of the quickest methods for attaining 99 Magic.

Lunar Diplomacy – Lunar Spellbook – a few useful spells for all sorts of scenarios from PvP through normal daily tasks to questing. Fantasy Mentor – Additional spells for Lunar Spellbook – not necessary but very helpful. Kings Ransom – Chivalry and Piety prayers that unite bonuses to three figures: Defence, Strength and Attack.

Monkey Madness 2 and 1 – Access to bursting caves that’s the ideal place to reach level 99 in Magic and Ranged. By using Chinchompas or Ice Barrage players instruction there are able to harm multiple monsters at the same time that rewards maximum quantities of exp from the game. My Arm’s Big Adventure – Added disorder free herb patch – very useful for herblore or money making.

Recipe for Disaster – Access to Barrows Gloves / Dwarven Rock Cake and Spicy Stews – Barrows Gloves are best in slot for both melee and ranged players. Dwarven Rock Cake is extremely useful in circumstances in which you would like to be as low hp as possible – for example in Nightmare Zone. Spicy Stew improves various stats by +5 while decreasing the others by 5 levels for a brief duration.

Slug Menace – Proselyte set which provides best socialization bonus in the game – may be useful on Slayer tasks. As this piece of gear is quite easily obtainable and does not degrade it is among the most utilized helmets within the game.

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