RS Kindred Spirits Quest Guide with RSorder Free Cheap RS Gold

RS Kindred Spirits is the second quest of Sliske quest series. This quest requires you to investigate kidnappings of several people. You can complete this quest easily according to the requirements and walkthrough below.

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Requirements of RS Kindred Spirits quest

Kindred Spirits is a long member-only quest. To complete this quest, you have to meet the following skill requirements:
– Level 60 Agility
– Level 60 Crafting
– Level 60 Herblore
– Level 60 Smithing

Fast walkthrough to RS Kindred Spirits quest

1. Talk to Linza at the smithy in Burthorpe south of the bank.
2. Head to Draynor Village and talk to Relomia in the square behind Ned’s house.
3. Go to Daemonheim and go southeast.
4. Open the trapdoor near Linza and watch the cutscene.
5. Speak with Sliske.
6. Interact with Dragonkin guard outside.
7. Speak with Sliske again.
8. Interact with Dragonkin guard for some Dragonkin food.
9. Use the food on the latrine..
10. Use the empty plate on a loose brick.
11. Use the brick on one of plate halves to get a blade.
12. Use the blade on the bed to get a strip of cloth.
13. Use the cloth on the brick to make a ludicrous flail, and give it to Sliske.
14. Interact with Dragonkin guard for Bag of Crystals.
15. Speak with Sliske for a strip of cloth.
16. Use the potion or Bag of Crystals on the latrine.
17. Use the cloth on the empty bottle to make a bottle on a string.
18. Use the bottle on a string on the latrine to retrieve the acid.
19. Speak with Sliske.
20. Use the acid on the cell door, and open the door to exit.
21. Enter the fighting pit.
22. Talk to Dharok.
23. When Dharok des, talk to him again.
24. Go to the center of the maze.
25. Enter the impressive doorway.
26. Speak with Verac.
27. Unlock the Saradomin statue.
28. Speak with Verac.
29. Take 4 books in the next rooms.
30. Investigate the Orrery in the larger room against the western wall.
31. Investigate the Shadow focus in the centre.
32. Investigate the lever.
33. Escape in 120 seconds.
34. Talk to Dharok.

Complete RS Kindred Spirits quest with the guide above.

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