RS Kurask Monster Killing Guide with 60% Off Cheap RuneScape Gold on RSorder

RS Kurask is a large and armoured monster in the Fremennik Slayer dungeon and Pollnivneach Slayer dungeon. Today from us you can learn the strategy to defeat Kurask as well as its plenty of drops.

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Strategy & items for killing RS Kurask

Kurask is an armoured monster in green. It has three stomachs and the third one is special where a ceremonial fruit is stored for the duration of the kurask’s life. You can find it in the second to last chamber of the Fremennik Slayer dungeon and on the lower level of the Pollnivneach Slayer dungeon. Defeating Kurask requires level 70 Slayer. Like turoths, Kurask should be killed with certain weapons. Here is a list showing the items necessary for the fight.
1. Melee
– Leaf-bladed spear (2H-Tier 50)
– Leaf-bladed sword and Off-hand leaf bladed sword (Dual wield-Tier 50)
2. Magic: Slayer Dart spell can be used with either:
– Slayer’s staff (2H-Tier 50)
– Staff of light (2H-Tier 75)
– Abyssal wand and Abyssal orb (Dual wield-Tier 75)
– Staff of darkness (2H-Tier 85)
3. Ranged: a fitting ranged weapon can be used with either:
– Broad arrows (Bow-Tier 55)
– Broad-tipped bolts (Crossbow-Tier 55)
– Royal bolts (Crossbow-Tier 80)
– Ascension bolts (Crossbow-Tier 90)
Please note that after the Evolution of Combat during the fight, it’s the best to kill Kurask with Slayer Dart in 2 or 3 hits.

Drops obtained after defeating RS Kurask

There are loads of drops you can obtain after killing RS Kurask monster, such as:
Big bones
Medium bladed rune salvage
Off-hand leaf-bladed sword
Leaf-bladed sword
Huge plated adamant salvage
Tiny plated rune salvage
Kurask boots
Starved ancient effigy
Light mystic robe top

Kill RS Kurask instantly with the strategy.

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