RS Raksha: Requirements, Strategies & Drops with RSorder Free RuneScape Gold

New solo and duo boss RS Raksha has been released in game this week. From this boss there is a chance to obtain RS fleeting boots, shadow spike and other new rewards.

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Requirements of RS Raksha boss

To fight against RS3 Raksha, you need to have access to Anachronia. It is recommended to have a Combat level of 120, and at least tier 80 gear.
Raksha can be fought after completing the Raksha, the Shadow Colossus miniquest. You can start the miniquest by talking to Laniakea in the south-east ruins on Anachronia. The location of Raksha’s lair will be revealed from this miniquest.

Strategies for RS3 Raksha fighting

In a solo encounter, Raksha has 800,000 health; in duo encounters, he has 1,500,000 health. Raksha has very high offensive stats, with an Attack and Ranged level of 110 and a Magic level of 120, which makes it very unlikely for any of its attacks to miss. Raksha is effectively weak against Ranged attacks, with level 65 range, 55 magic and 45 melee affinity respectively. He is also susceptible to the hexhunter bow, leech and reflect damage, but not against poison or stun effects.
Damage incurred throughout the first three phases can generally be mitigated with Soul Split flicking and using the occasional Resonance against an auto-attack. Additional defensives are also useful, such as Devotion, Debilitate, and Reflect.

RS fleeting boots & other drops

Drops from Raksha include unique RS3 fleeting boots, which allow you to cast Rapid Fire while moving. RS shadow spike can be attached to fleeting boots to upgrade them to tier 90.
Here is a list of unique drops of Raksha:
Laceration boots
Blast diffusion boots
Fleeting boots
Shadow spike
Greater Ricochet ability codex
Greater Chain ability codex
Divert ability codex
Broken shackle

Hope our RS Raksha guide can help you know more about this boss.

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