RS Wyvern Crossbow Guide with 6% Off RS 3 Gold on RSorder

RS wyvern crossbow is a two-handed crossbow requiring level 85 Ranged. Here is our wyvern crossbow guide to help you learn how to get and use this crossbow.

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How to obtain RS wyvern crossbow?

RS3 wyvern crossbow requires level 85 Ranged to wield. It was released along with wyverns, and there is a 1/10,000 off-task chance of dropping the wyvern crossbow.
RS Wyverns are dragon-like monsters located in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, which requires level 96 Slayer to be killed. Upon entry, you will be somewhat cold and the base poison damage from wyverns is 300. The warmer you are, the higher the poison damage you will take. Several mechanics will take place depending on the chill from the cavern:
-Warm: RS Wyvern poison damage increases up to 900 per 4-5 ticks.
-Cold (25%): Wyvern attack damage will greatly increase to around 2,500.
-Coldest (90%): You will be constantly stunned at 8–10 seconds per stun; if this happens, it is highly recomended to use Freedom and get out of the cavern.

How to use RS3 wyvern crossbow?

The wyvern crossbow has a damage-over-time effect, which deals more damage the longer you are attacking your target. The damage over time effect has 10 different “tiers” of damage it can do. Every single hit from an ability or auto attack cast by the wyvern crossbow has a 50% chance of activating the passive. When the damage-over-time effect activates, it will increase the current poison tier by 1 and does poison hit splats of its current tier until it has either done 6 hits, or its passive has activated again.

Hope our guide can help you learn more about RS3 wyvern crossbow.

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