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The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RS Diamond Dozen has been active now. During this TH promo, there is a chance to gain various TH prizes from a prize pool.

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RS Diamond Dozen active until Sept. 28th

As the latest Treasure Hunter promotion, RS3 Diamond Dozen has been active now and will run until September 28th, 2020. During this Treasure Hunter promotion, you can select prizes from a prize pool. The prizes include stars, lamps, protean resources and some old Treasure Hunter favourites. You will get a roll on the prizes you have selected and obtain one of the rewards from that wishlist.

Rewards obtained from RS Diamond Dozen

You need to select a number of prizes in each category (12 in total) before you can claim a random prize in the prize pool. One of the rarities always has its prizes doubled when obtained.
You can choose 3 from the common rarity, 3 from the fairly common rarity, 3 from the uncommon rarity, 2 from the rare rarity and 1 from the very rare rarity. You may get the following prizes from RS3 Diamond Dozen Treasure Hunter promotion:
Magic notepaper
Cash bag
Dungeoneering token box
Shining prismatic lamp
Shining prismatic fallen star
Protean plank
Protean log
Protean trap
Protean hide
Protean bar
Protean memory
Protean cog
Rare item token
Silverhawk feather

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